Clean My Browser V2.0

A Chrome extension designed to simplify browser cleanup process

Top Features And Benefits:



Browse the web safely with full protection from malicious extensions that may harm your browsing experience and track your identity



Maintain your browser as often as needed. We will notify you when it’s time to clean your browsing private data and stay free of worries



Increase your productivity with lighting fast browsing, faster search engine and better results using our easy-to-use interface

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  • 1.

    Is Clean My Browser V2.0 free?

    Yes, Clean My Browser is free to use and always will be.

  • 2.

    On what browser can I install Clean My Browser V2.0 ?

    It is available for Chrome users at this moment. We are currently working on adding Firefox, Safari & Edge versions and hopefully they will be available soon.

  • 3.

    Is Clean My Browser V2.0 made only for professional users?

    Of course not! Clean My Browser V2.0's design is simple to use and both advanced & intermediate users can enjoy it the same with no previous experience.

  • 4.

    Where can I get it?

    You can get the Extension by simply clicking “GET IT NOW” on the top of this page or by clicking here
    Just follow 2 simple steps and the installation is done.